Saturday, January 2, 2010

These stream through my ipod 24/7

I've loved Rihanna from the beginning, and i love the new look and style she's taking on. Although i can't help but think that her new album Rated R is directed toward Chris. If a Bad break up is what it takes to produce an album like this one more artists should have them haha..
I've recently discovered this great group led by a female singer. There name is metric and I heard there song on a Preview of the vampire diaries and i couldn't figure out who it was. It wasn't until i was Browsing a Blog by the name of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds that i figured out that it was this amazing group. There music is fresh and new check them out

Bowie has entered the building! GaGa GaGa GaGa what can i say about Lady GaGa she's just what this world needs to shake things up. Sure people may laugh and make fun but it's only because they don't understand, and what people don't understand they fear. I think GaGa is going to be one of the legends. Thats a personal thought ofcourse, but i see a bright future for GaGa

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